Ghost Hunting ep. 2 – Judgment of the Light Opening

In episode 2 of our new Ghost Hunting series Joe and Machuca are on the hunt for Star Eater – Ghost Rare! Joe has pulled this card from a Judgment of the Light box in the past but due to technical issues we completely lost the footage. This time Joe and Machuca are prepared to hunt down this set’s “ghost” as well as a ton of other classic Yu-Gi-Oh! cards!

Judgment of the Light was originally released in August 2013 making it over 6 years old when we filmed this video. This set features more XYZ cards during the Zexal Anime’s run but also introduced powerful cards like Cockadoodledo and Armades, Keeper Of Boundaries. We have opened this set plenty of times on YugiBOOM but it always manages to keep us interested as we hunt for Ultimate and Ghost rares.

Find out more about Judgment of the Light.

Watch the video:

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