Invasion: Vengeance Opening

The YugiBOOM team just got their hands on a booster box from 2016, right at the end of the Arc-V era. Joe and Francisco are going to crack this box open and try and find some awesome rare cards like Denglong, First of the Yangzing and Starving Venom Fusion Dragon. This set has not really held onto its value over time but when it came out on 11/4/2016 it laid the foundation for many decks in the future.

Invasion: Vengeance gave us core Spyral cards like Spyral Super Agent and Spyral Resort. These cards were not competitive when they first came out but the following year saw the release Spyral Double Helix which changed the competition scene overnight. Subterror cards (another deck that would become competitive in the future) also saw the light of day thanks to this set. Unfortunately at the time of opening both of these archetypes have become less competitive so this opening is purely for fun and nostalgia.

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Watch the video:

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