Ghost Hunting ep. 1 – Generation Force Opening

Welcome to a brand new series from YugiBOOM, Ghost Hunters! Joe is obsessed with trying to pull Ghost Rares from vintage Yu-Gi-Oh! packs. So much that he decided to create a brand new series dedicated to his “ghost hunts”. In this inaugural episode Joe is joined by Machuca, another fan of classic Yu-Gi-Oh! packs, as they open up a box of Generation Force!

Generation Force came out in 2011 and the heart of the XYZ era. It featured powerful extra deck monsters like Number 17: Leviathan Dragon and Leviar the Sea Dragon. It also introduced cards to support the “Wind-Up” archetype as well as the monster that is a one card Rank 4, Goblindbergh. Overall this set was great for its time but now it definitely shows its age. However, can Joe and Machuca make their purchase worth while by pulling a Ghost Rare card! Find out in the video below!

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Watch the video:

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