Sneak Attack Games in London, UK!

Sneak Attack Games is so much more than just a card shop.

In part two of our International edition of Duelists in Cars Brent heads to Sneak Attack Games to learn more about Yu-Gi-Oh! in England!  We never expected to be greeted with such welcoming arms but their staff member Ben was inviting and extremely knowledge about all sorts of card games (Magic, Vangaurd, Pokemon, etc).  He let us film his shop and gave us our best Duelists In Cars Interview yet!

Sneak Attack games was filled with awesome Funko! Pops, Warhammer Figures, and a ton of board games.  Not only was this shop a paradise for game fans, they are also an integral part of the gaming community in London.  We spoke to Ben about Team Sneak Attack, the Yu-Gi-Oh! team that actively competes in events and competitions.  Sneak Attack supports their team by sponsoring a huge card pool filled with expensive cards like Chaos Emperor, the Dragon of Armageddon.  This way the team doesn’t have to worry about pulling expensive cards from packs or winning prize cards from events, they have everything they need to play to the best of their abilities.  They do have to share the prizes with the shop but this all adds up to a great cooperative team environment.

Between the large selection of Yu-Gi-Oh! singles, the informative staff, and the large space in the back for duels Sneak Attack Games was one of the coolest shops we have been to.  But what made this store so special was the community aspect.  You could really tell that this shop wanted duelists to learn and to get better in every aspect of Yu-Gi-Oh!  The store associates were also excited to have us film which can sometimes be a little awkward.  Finally, they had an ultimate rarity Raigeki, how can you top that?

Watch the video:

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