Brent heads to Card Empire in Manchester, UK!

Card Empire in Manchester is a collector’s haven!

Brent and his wife recently took a vacation to the UK for their honeymoon.  But what vacation would be complete without stopping at an awesome Yu-Gi-Oh! Card shop?  Card Empire is located in the Affleck’s shopping center in Manchester – a cool multi-story eclectic of thrift stores, costume shops, and some awesome anime culture stores.  When he first walked into Card Empire, he was absolutely stunned by the amount of awesome Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon items they had for sale.  

Card Empire is a store specializing in Japanese collectibles with a huge emphasis on Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon.  This was actually the first store they found that did not primarily focus on Magic the Gathering or Warhammer 40K.  Instead this store was filled with classic collectible cards and sealed packs and boxes (some of which came directly from Japan).  

The real gem of this store was the gentleman behind the counter, Josh.  Josh is a long time collector (and fan) of pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! and had a ton to say about the current state of the game and what items are still selling.  He even had a Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon in his wallet he kept on him at all times for memorabilia sake.  We won’t hold it against him that it was just a common though….

This was a great visit to Card Empire and a great way to kick off our international series of Duelists In Cars Getting Packs.  We were able to film a lot of great content, but it did come at a price.  Brent walked away with a first edition set of Jinzo (PSV), Kazejin (MRD), Suijin (MRD), and a misprint  unlimited Tri-Horned Dragon (LOB).  We want to say thank you again to Card Empire for hosting us and we wish all the best of luck to Josh and the team! 

Watch the video:

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