Legacy Support Discussion – Red-Eyes, Blue-Eyes, and Dark Magician

In this Yu-GI-Oh! discussion we sit down and dissect the very first archetypes of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Joe sits down with Francisco and Gary to discuss the original three most popular Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and how they have gained support in the past 20 years.  Joe represents Blue-Eyes White Dragon and discusses how cards like Blue-Eyes Alternative Dragon and Bingo Machine Go! have made the deck stay powerful after all these years.  Francisco is here to talk about Dark Magician and how it has started to see a lot more play with recent support.   Finally Gary discusses the volution of Red-Eyes Black Dragon and how he wishes it would have gotten the same treatment as it’s counterparts.

Make sure to watch our second Yu-Gi-Oh! legacy support discussion after the below video!

Watch the video:

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