Fire Fist Zoodiac Deck Profile

This Fire Fist Deck Profile is hot stuff!

Have you ever seen a deck that can destroy your opponents cards, return them to their hand, or banish them?  Welcome to our World Chalice Deck Profile!

This version of our Fire Fist deck feature a fresh take on the great flame monster/animal archetype!  For those who don’t know the Fire Fist archetype in Yu-Gi-Oh! Is based off of the 108 heroes in the “Water Margin” story – a Chinese novel that tells the story of the 108 outlaws that gathered at Mount Liang and create their own army.  We combined these epic cards with the Zoodiac archetype (Chinese animals of the Zodiac) to make an awesome and innovative deck!

Monster Cards

This is an update to our older FireFist deck profile LINK.  They each feature Fire Fist and Zoodiac Monsters but this time we have added some new cards and put even more emphasis on link summoning.  First, we reduced the amount of level 3 Fire Fist monster in this deck to make more room for some more of the level 4 monsters.  For the level 3 Fire Fist monsters we are running 2 Fire Fist spirits, 2 Fire Fist Leopards, and 2 Fire Fist Roosters.  Spirit is primarily for Synchro plays while Leopard and Rooster help us search the deck for our Fire Formation cards” and “Fire Fist” monsters respectively.  We took down leopard and spirit by 1 when compared to the last deck build and sometimes we could really use an extra copy during a duel, but taking them to 2 has helped the win consistency of the deck overall.


As for level 4 monsters, we are running two coach solider wolfbark since both the Fire Fist and Zoodiac monsters are beast warriors!  Wolfbark allows you to special summon a level 4 beast warrior type monster which works great with most of the monsters in this deck.  We are still running two Fire Fist Bear but we changed the following: 1 Fire Fist Gorilla, 1 Fire Fist Dragon, and 1 Fire Fist boar.  Boar opens up more synchro plays (just like Fire Fist Spirit), while Dragon gives you another summon of a fire first monster from the graveyard.  Fire Fist Dragon also lets you add a Fire Formation trap to your hand which we will talk more about shortly.


The Zoodiac monsters haven’t changed at all from our last deck build.  You always want to open with a Zoodiac monster and a Barrage to get a free link monster without a normal summon (i.e. missus radiant). We are running two Zoodiac Throroughblade, two Zoodiac Whiptail, and two Zoodiac RamRam with the best Zoodiac in our opinion being Zoodiac Throughblade.  This monster allows you to draw a card when summoned (by discarding a Zoodiac card) and gives an XYZ monster he is attached to piercing.  We will show off a cool combo with this card as well as Zoodiac Barrage a little later in this article.

Spell Cards

For the spells we are running 3 fire formation tenki (the best spell in the deck) which allows you to search a level 4 or lower beast warrior – this helps with both Zoodiac monsters and Fire Fist.  We also run 3 Fire Formation Tensu as this spell card allows an additional normal summon per turn.  Any additional normal summon is something to be sought after and it definitely helps this deck with links.  We still have the 2 Fire Formation Gyokku and 2 Twin Twisters to help stop your opponent’s spell or trap cards.  We run 1 copy of Onslaught of the Fire Kings to special summon from the deck as any free summon is valuable.  Finally, we changed our build to feature 3 Zoodiac Barrage as it really helps gets out the small amount of zodiac monsters in the deck.



We don’t just run Fire Fist spells, we also run one dark hole and one raigeki to destroy your opponent’s field.  We use one monster reborn since it is such a powerful card.  Who can complain when you destroy your opponents Borreload Dragon and then take it for yourself and not even waste an extra deck monster zone?

Trap Cards

As for traps we are running one Solemn Warning and Solemn Judgment to shut down your opponent’s plays.  We also use two Storming Mirror Force cards since there are so many things immune to destruction intoday’s format and this card returns them to the hand.  Finally, we also run one Fire Formation Tensen since we can search it with Fire Fist Dragon.  The Tensen trap does add some attack which can be crucial against some of your opponent’s stronger monsters.

Extra Deck Cards


XYZ Monsters

We still have one Zoodiac Broadbow and one Zoodiac chakanine, just like our last profile.  The main reason for these two is to get two Zoodiac monsters on the field without using a normal summon.  The combo requires one Zoodiac monster and one copy of Zoodiac Barrage.  First activate the barrage and target itself to destroy it.  Next you can special summon a Zoodiac thoroughblade from the deck and activate its effect to discard the zodiac monster you originally had in your hand to draw a card.  Then you can special summon Zoodac Chakanine from the extra deck by using the Thoroughblade that is on the field.  Then detach Zoodiac Thorougblade to activate Chakanine’s effect and special summon a Zoodiac monster from the grave.  Finally, you can special summon Missus Radiant from the extra deck by linking the two Zoo monsters away.  It is a lot of effort to get out a free link monster but in today’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Format we will do whatever we can to get some links on the board!  Don’t forget, we got out a link 2 monsters with only one spell and one monster card!

For the Fire Fist XYZ monsters we are running one Fire Fist Cardinal and one Fire Fist Tiger King.  Fire Fist – Cardinal allows you to shuffle both you and your opponent’s cards back into the deck while Tiger King negates all face-up effect monsters except beast warriors.  Tiger king is very powerful in this deck and also has some great effects that go along with your fire formation spells and traps.  For the generic XYZ monsters we are running one Castel the Skyblaster Musketer to get rid of monsters that can’t be destroyed.  We also run one Evilswarm Exciton Knight due to the fact that MX Saber Invoker is now banned but Exciton Knight is such a good card we had to put him in when he was unbanned.

Synchro Monsters

We also run synchro monsters in this deck including Brotherhood of the Fire Fist Horse Prints, Vulcan the Divine, Black Rose Dragon, and one Crimson Blader.  Vulcan is great to help reoccur a Fire Formation Tenki and he bounces a monster.  Black Rose is self-explanatory (destroy all monsters) and we run a Crimson Blader since he can be annoying to most decks (prevents your opponent from special summoning a level 5 or higher monster).  Black Rose and Crimson Blader are new to this version of the deck but we put them in because we are now running Brotherhood of the Fire Fist Boar.  Boar opens up the field to fire synchro plays!

Link Monsters

Out of all the changes  we made to this deck the Link monsters were the most affected.  For generic links monsters we run a Missus Radiant (for Zoodiac monsters) and two Duelittle Chimeras (for all fire fist monsters).  We also run Fire Fighting Daruma Doll primarily because of all the beast warrior monsters we run in the deck.  Last but certainly not least, we run one Borreload Dragon for our big boss monster.  In today’s format you need to be able to get over big Link monsters and in our opinion Borreload is the best for just that purpose.





That sums up our new Fire Fist Zoodiac deck profile! As always we will be testing this deck and continuing to make it better.  If you see something you would like to change or have any spich techs we could run in the deck please leave a comment on our YouTube Video down below!  Make sure to check out the list of all the cards featured in this deck as well with direct links to purchase these cards at!

Card Name Type Quantity Link to buy
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Spirit Monster 2
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Leopard Monster 2
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Rooster Monster 2
Coach Soldier Wolfbark Monster 2
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear Monster 2
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Gorilla Monster 1
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Dragon Monster 1
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Boar Monster 1
Zoodiac Thoroughblade Monster 2
Zoodiac Whiptail Monster 2
Zoodiac Ramram Monster 2
Fire Formation – Tenki Spell 3
Fire Formation – Tensu Spell 3
Fire Formation – Gyokkou Spell 2
Twin Twisters Spell 2
Onsalught of the Fire Kings Spell 3
Zoodiac barrage Spell 1
Dark Hole Spell 1
Raigeki Spell 1
Monster Reborn Spell 1
Solemn Warning Trap 1
Solemn Judgement Trap 1
Storming Mirror Force Trap 2
Fire Formation – Tensen Trap 1
Zoodiac Boarbow XYZ Monster 1
Zoodiac Chakanine XYZ Monster 1
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Cardinal XYZ Monster 1
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King XYZ Monster 1
Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer XYZ Monster 1
Evilswarm Exciton Knight XYZ Monster 1
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Horse Prints Synchro Monster 1
Vulcan of the Divine Synchro Monster 1
Black Rose Dragon Synchro Monster 1
Crimson Blader Synchro Monster 1
Missus Radiant Link Monster 1
Duelittle Chimera Link Monster 2
Fire Fighting Daruma Doll Link Monster 1
Borreload Dragon Link Monster 1
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