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This Dark Magician Deck Profile is filled with powerful spellcaster cards!

I first got the idea for this deck while I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I saw someone on the OCG playing a Paleozoic Ojama deck. Now this deck is pretty close to that random OCG picture I saw. Plus about a couple changes, I’d say about 20% different that I’ve made to kind of add my own flavor. It’s a lot of fun and it really relies on the Ojama cards and the Ojama Duo to a lot of link spam. Plus it relies on the Paleo cards to really have that trap advantage. Let’s get right into it!

Monster Cards:

So starting off with monsters of of course we run. One, two, three Ojama Blue. I think he’s the most powerful monster or Ojama in the deck. Ojama red’s powerful but Ojama Blue basically says if it’s destroyed by battle send it to graveyard add two Ojama cards from your deck to your hand. That could be Ojama Red that could be Ojama Yellow or it can even be Ojama Duo, which we also play which I’ll get into a little bit later. But basically this one is really powerful. Use him, ram to add whatever Ojama cards you don’t have in your hand. Then we run three Ojama Red. Ojama Red another really powerful one. If he is normal summoned special summon up to four Ojama monsters from your hand in attack position. Of course in this link age it’s important to have a lot of monster on the field to get rid of them to make more links. So that’s why we have Blue and Red, and then finally we have one Ojama Yellow. So that’s it for the Ojama cards. Not a whole whole lot for the Ojamas but this is all you really need because you’re really just special summoning them off of this next card which is when we are going to go right into the traps.

Trap Cards:

So now we have one, two Ojama Duos. Ojama Duo you can you activate his normal effect which is special summon two Ojama tokens to your opponents side of the field. Cannot be tributed but they can be linked, which kinda stinks but if it’s destroyed you take damage so you don’t want to use that effect it’s really not good. You want to use the second effect which says during either players turn except the turn this card was sent to the graveyard you can banish this card from your graveyard to special summon two Ojama monsters with different with different names from your deck. So this one is really powerful cause if you’re going first use like a card like Foolish Burial Goods to get him in the graveyard let your opponent go then end phase use this card to get let’s say, a Blue and then let’s say a Red, or a Blue and then a Yellow. And then if you have Red you know what to do cause you’re gonna use Blue to get the two and normal Red to get the four out. Ojama Duo is a really fun card in this deck. People see this card and I said this card before I first played and they were like what the heck just happened. Plus the fact that it’s a trap it let’s you chain with the Paleo cards. So I love it it’s really fun and it’s just kinda a fun little engine I use in this deck. So that’s it for the Ojama cards actually just those guys. Now if we’re going on the traps we run three Dinomischus. This one is probably the most powerful Paleozoic card. It allows you to banish plus discard. People are like oh this card you gotta pay that stinks. But overall discarding is good because if you are just running Paleo cards you’re able to use those later. I don’t think it’s written as cost, no so it doesn’t allow you to chain on to that, it doesn’t allow you to chain on to the activation. But overall three Dinomischus is really important. I’m trying to fit all of the Paleozoic cards in one frame if I can. Then we run three Olenoides. Olenoides is really good for some spot removal. Target spell trap card on the deck to remove it. Now remember if you guys don’t know Paleozoic all gain an effect in the Grave. So if I activate this and have this in the Grave activate this chain this to special summon a Paleozoic, it as a Paleozoic monster. Which is pretty darn cool. I love that. And then we got three Canadias. Canadia is pretty strong as well. Target a face up monster that your opponent controls change it to face down position defense position Book Of Moon him so not bad there. Three Marrellas send one trap card from your deck to the graveyard you can use this on Ojama Duo guys. A little slower but you can do that instead of the Foolish Burial Goods play I mentioned earlier, plus sending any of those Paleozoic cards to the Grave is always powerful to have those extra chain abilities. Then we have one okay I can’t fit these all in one frame I’m sorry guys so that’s all for the first set of Paleozoic monsters. Then we have one, two, three Pikaias. Discard one Paleozoic card draw two cards. So just activate that to kind of get your combo going. When you get in the Paleozoic XYZ monsters which allow you to activate traps from your hand, this can be really powerful. Activate it discard one from your hand, and then you can boom draw two cards on your own turn versus waiting for your opponents turn. Not bad there oh sorry there’s a couple more here. Leanchoilia, Leanchoilia as well target one banished card and send it to the graveyard. Now I’m not running the Trap Trick card in this. Trap Trick card is really powerful in this deck, I just don’t have it right now. And this is kind of a budget build. Minus the card of the minds which I’ll show later. When I add Trap Trick I’ll probably up this to three, cause of that combo they do with the Banish. But overall this is kind of the Paleozoics I run. It’s got plenty in here. You’re gonna be able to keep um keep them, keep all your cards, keep all your Paleo cards happy. Give them abilities to get from the graveyard to the field. I’m sorry give them the opportunity, to chain onto a trap card to get them from the graveyard to the field so. That’s it for the Paleozoic traps, now we get into the really fun traps. The three Mistakes. This is the don’t let your opponent play YuGioh cards. Three Mistakes, love three Mistake. Just stop your opponent from going to their deck have a cheap ash. But for this you don’t really need ash cause you’re not going into the deck that often. Plus you can pop this with your own Paleozoic cards if you need to for any reason. So three Mistakes pretty good. Two Drowning Mirror Force and then one Blazing. Drowning’s really good for link monsters that don’t have an attack position. Blazing just kinda good, just kinda burn. You can swap this out for three Drowning if you want, but I like to have the kinda difference there. Two Unending Nightmare right here. Unending Nightmare is super powerful. It actually lets you, destroy cards during, I’m sorry destroy your opponents spells and traps especially during the chain. But overall it is a very powerful spot removal card in the deck. The last card Imperial Order. Imperial Order shuts down lot of plays against this deck. Especially the fact that you can chain on to the trap spell to negate it. Plus it doesn’t really stop you, cause you only run six spells. And Imperial Order can be destroyed through one of your Paleozoic cards so. Not bad but that’s it for the traps.

Spell Cards:

And then finally for the spells we run one, two, three of the aforementioned Foolish Burial Goods. This card is super important in the deck just to get a Paleo card in the deck, or to get an Ojama Duo card. To get Ojama Duo from the deck to the graveyard. So if you are going first what ideally what you would do is, Foolish Burial Goods. Send Ojama Duo. Build up your board or whatever. Let you opponent play. Then during their end phase activate Ojama Duo from the graveyard special summon two Ojamas. Hopefully you didn’t get otk’ed. From there you’ve got a lot to do some link plays with. Then the last spells we run are three Card Of Demise. This is the most recent addition to the deck. This is where I had to change up a lot for the deck. I think Card Of Demise is pretty powerful in the deck, especially because the Ojama is really the only thing you can’t set. And you could set one in defense position. You could lose one Ojama potentially. But Card Of Demise is really powerful in the deck. And ideally you don’t really want to draw your Ojamas, you want to have them in the deck to be able to use the Ojama Duo. If you have one Ojama that’s okay, but overall Card Of Demise super powerful. But that’s it for the main we’ll go onto the extra deck now.

Extra Deck Monsters:

The extra deck we got one Borreload, one Saryuja for the big boy link “four”. I think every deck that can make them should have these. They are extremely powerful. The Borreload is so hard to get over still. It’s getting easier and easier to get over, but it’s still really powerful. Saryuja just a little defensive. More often than not I am doing Borreload though. Even if I am trying to be defensive Borreload is still just a really good card in this deck to have on the field. Especially if you can use him plus get one of your other Paleozoic XYZ cards out it’s really strong. That’s it for the Link Fours. One link three just to get Decode. Decode yes it’s not as powerful as it used to be. But because of these Paleozoic cards able to special summon on you opponents turn. It’s nice that you can actually get some of the other cards that links points or points as link markers to, so that you can use the effect to negate an activation of a destroying, negate the activation of your opponent destroying, or targeting and destroying on of your cards. So Decode Talker getting weaker and weaker and weaker, but it’s still really official efficient in this deck. It’s official in this deck. It’s efficient in this deck. Excuse me. One, two Mistar Boys for links too. You could take this down to one if you want. I do like two I think two is important, especially for the Paleozoic XYZ cards you can kind of get out. Usually you can get a Mistar Boy out and a totally awesome, or a Paleozoic if you did that big Ojama play. So two Mistar Boy. And then for a link one you want Link Spider. This is mainly just to upgrade one of your tokens into decode if you need to. Also you could special summon that one Ojama Yellow, if you have it from your hand on the field which is not bad. Link Spider is okay. You can take him out if you want he’s very techy. But he’s not bad. He’s in there from the original build. So I actually kind of keep him in, out of respect for the original. Paleozoic XYZs two Opabinia, and two Anomalocaris. Opabinia pretty darn strong. I usually go with her more often than Anomalocaris just cause it takes one less monster to do, because link material is so important. But Opabinia is the one that allows you to activate traps from your hand. And also you can search. And Anomalocaris allows you to, let me read this correctly. Excavate the top card of your deck if you want, and add it to your hand. And then finally you can also detach one extra XYZ material and target on the field and destroy it. So really kind of universal. It’s also pretty powerful Anomalocaris plus a Mistar Boy is a 2900 water monster so not bad there. But more often than not you are doing Opabinia, and then kind of extending your play to try to go into either a link play, get more Paleo cards out, just kind of stall your opponent more. But overall they’re both really strong. You could probably take this guy down to one if you wanted to have more room in the extra deck. But I like them at two and two. I might take them down to one eventually we’ll see. That’s for the XYZ Paleos. Two Toads. You gotta have Toads. It’s a water deck, make rank twos. It stinks you can’t use Ojamas for these. But overall it is pretty good for being a, being a link two aqua monster you get a Paleo back. If you don’t have a water monster on the field to target pop you can always get it back on your opponents turn by using a Paleo cards. So that’s pretty strong too. And the reason why I didn’t mention this earlier but Toadally Awesome is cool because of Paleo cards. The Paleozoic cards are neat too because you can use the Ojamas these just require a level two monsters. And all the Ojamas are level two. So if you need to you can go into these pretty darn easily. They don’t get, you have an Ojama plus Paleo so you still get their trap, their effect of being equipped with a trap card. Or have a trap card as material. But really strong they are pretty important to the deck. So Toadally Awesome we talked about. We got 64 Ronin Raccoon Sandayu. Sky Calvary Centaurea. Crumble Logos The Prophet OF Demolition. So these guys are all kinda just varied for their own, own reasons. They’re here for own like techy reasons. Crumble Logos is really a real. Crumble Logos is really good just to negate, if you got a really annoying monster you want to negate it’s effect you have that. Plus if for any reason it stays on the field for two turns you can do it twice which is kinda cool. Sky Calvary just a send a monster back from the hand. Super spot removal but it works. And then Ronin Raccoon idea is pretty cool because it allows you to just kinda beef up some of the most strongest monsters. So you if have a monster on the board that you just cannot get over. You can get him out and you’re gonna get over him and attack for a thousand. So pretty darn cool. But that’s it for, that’s it for this extra and the main deck. Really like this deck but I mean the main thing I want to stress on here is, you want to get the Foolish Burial goods out and you want to use that to set Ojama Duo. It’s super important just to have Ojama Duo on your first turn out. So that way can start to do the Ojama plays. If you don’t have him Ojamas are kind of dead in your hand, unless you drew a bunch and then you just have Ojama plays. But Foolsih Burial Goods ideally you have like, Foolsih Burial Goods, a Card of Demise and three let’s see, like three different Paleo cards. I’m just gonna pick three at random here. So if you had this hand. Boom, boom, boom and boom. That’s a pretty darn good starting hand. These three Paleos there just gonna be, they can be anything. Ideally depending on whatever opponent you are playing. This is a good starting hand because you are going to get more cards off Card Of Demise. You’re gonna set up your Ojama Duo play next turn. And then you’re gonna have three Paleozoic cards to do whatever the heck you want. I mean ideally it’d probably even better if you had like two Paleozoics and like a Mistake or something. Because you can still special Ojama Duo from Mistake it doesn’t really affect that it only affects adding. You kind of prevent your opponent from playing YuGioh, which is always fun. Alright guys well thank you so much for checking out another deck profile from YuGiboom. Make sure to like and subscribe. We have a lot of fun things coming for you. We’re about to hit 500 subscribers. Wuhoo. Which is awesome. So please make sure leave a comment if you like this deck. What would you do to change. I’m probably going to bring a new version of this deck in a month or two. Which is gonna some of those Lost Millennium Duelist pack Ojama cards that came out. I think that’s it. Just to try give them some more synergy and try to make some bigger Ojama plays. I really love opening up with Ojama Duo because it makes your opponent go what the heck is going on. Alright guys so hey like subscribe comment. Thank you so much for watching. Let’s go YuGiboom!

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Card list:

Card Name Type Quantity Link to buy
Dark Magician Monster 3 https://goo.gl/kQM5Go
Magician’s Rod Monster 3 https://goo.gl/DbH3im
Apprentice Illusion Magician Monster 3 https://goo.gl/43LdbQ
Magician of Dark illusion Monster 2 https://goo.gl/9dCvXn
Spellbook Magician of Prophecy Monster 1 https://goo.gl/GX5g81
Dark Magical Circle Spell 3 https://goo.gl/YU5ufK
Dark Magic Attack Spell 1 https://goo.gl/tGVcCs
Illusion Magic Spell 1 https://goo.gl/59EUdt
Dark Magic Inheritance Spell 1 https://goo.gl/DgerYs
The Eye of Timaeus Spell 2 https://goo.gl/BnJTx2
Spellbook of Secrets Spell 2 https://goo.gl/7CnPcQ
Spellbook of Knowledge Spell 2 https://goo.gl/qtHcqf
Upstart Goblin Spell 2 https://goo.gl/ykCY65
Soul Charge Spell 2 https://goo.gl/KCvDgj
Monster Reborn Spell 2 https://goo.gl/UkjdhH
Scapegoat Spell 2 https://goo.gl/wF6TwR
Magician Navigation Trap 3 https://goo.gl/XXaMbL
Eternal Soul Trap 3 https://goo.gl/J1X4Zz
Metaverse Trap 2 https://goo.gl/mjd59A
Dark Magician The Dragon Knight Fusion Monster 2 https://goo.gl/NawwMV
Dark Paladin Fusion Monster 1 https://goo.gl/M98rXH
Amulet Dragon Fusion Monster 1 https://goo.gl/9cbZRr
Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight Fusion Monster 1 https://goo.gl/TWFdhx
Number 11: Big Eye XYZ Monster 1 https://goo.gl/DDWMpL
Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack XYZ Monster 1 https://goo.gl/JbpH2J
Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon XYZ Monster 1 https://goo.gl/1ihrxi
Ebon Illusion Magician XYZ Monster 1 https://goo.gl/brDq33
Ebon High Magician XYZ Monster 1 https://goo.gl/Eey1aB
Link Spider Link Monster 2 https://goo.gl/jp8nvq
Proxy Dragon Link Monster 1 https://goo.gl/TBTReM
Missus Radiant Link Monster 1 https://goo.gl/AQWgwh
Decode Talker Link Monster 1 https://goo.gl/EFwVnQ
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