Dark Magician Deck Profile

This Dark Magician Deck Profile is filled with powerful spellcaster cards!

This Dark Magician deck is a classic for all Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime fans and YugiBOOM’s very own Francisco has whipped up a new deck profile to let these magicians shine!  Check out our write up as well as a video and complete card list below!

This variant of the Dark Magician deck isn’t necessarily something we would consider competitive. It is a fun variant of the deck, it’s a very casual play. So you’re not going to see any expensive cards in here like Ash Blossom, or any Hand Traps for that matter, honestly. If you wanted to make this version of the deck competitive, then we think you could do that by adding in some of the aforementioned hand traps and other meta cards. There’s a couple of cards here in there that you can definitely switch out for the sake of just having more power in the deck, but this is more of a Stun variant version that we made.

Monster Cards:

dark magician

Obviously with the Dark Magician deck you want to run three Dark Magician cards. We really like the mega tin artwork as we think that they really capture the true essence of the Dark Magician.  Following up with the three Dark Magician, you want to run three Magician’s Rod.  He helps you search out any Spell or Trap card with Dark Magician in its card text. You want to run him at three just because he is the one normal Summon that you wanna get out. Everything else is pretty much Special Summons. We also run three Apprentice Illusion Magicians. We think this is definitely a must-have at three; just because it searches out Dark Magician, and it also Special Summons itself out. Not only that, but it can also give your own Dark Magician a boost of 2000 Attack!

Magician of Dark Illusion

With the Apprentice Illusion Magician at three, we run two Magician of Dark Illusion. Now, you could bump this up at three, but we personally like running this at two. We don’t really run too many Traps, we run a little bit more Spells if anything else.  We also run the one Spellbook Magician of Prophecy. He searches out your other Spellbook cards which we will get to soon!

Spell Cards:

dark magical circleWe run three Dark Magical Circle as it is definitely a necessity for the deck, This card banishes anything on the field when you summon a Dark Magician on the board, and this also lets you search your deck out for additional dark magician cards. You pick the top three cards from your deck and add basically any card that lists Dark Magician. Well… anything but Eye of Timaeus.

dark magic inheritance

Now we run some single cards as well including Dark Magic Attack,  Illusion Magic, Dark Magic Inheritance. These cards are all really good. Dark Magic Attack serves as a Heavy Storm for Dark Magician decks which can really harm your opponent. You do need to have Dark Magician but usually he is on the field anyways.  Illusion Magic also helps you search your deck for more copies of Dark Magician.

The Eye of Timaeus

Now one of our favorite cards in the deck is The Eye of Timaeus.  We are very happy this crd was repritned as a common to make it more attainable!  This card helps you bring out the deck’s ace monster, Dark Magician of Dragon Knight! He stops your opponent and helps protect your spells and traps! More on this card in the extra deck section!

spellbook of knowledge

To help with the deck’s consistency we use Spellbook of Secrets, followed by Spellbook of Knowledge.  For Stunning purposes we run the Secret Village of the Spellcasters, a very underrated card for Spellcasters in general.  If you have a Spellcaster and your opponent does not, they can’t activate spell cards!  Finally, we run one Upstart Goblin, one Soul Charge, one Monster Reborn and then two Scapegoats. That’s it for the spells!

Trap Cards:

Magician's NavigationFor Traps we run three Magician’s Navigation and three Eternal Souls.  You want to combo this off with the Dark Magical Circle, and then your opponent can’t really do much after that. Then we run two Metaverse to help get out that Field to stun your opponent as fast as possible.

Extra Deck Monsters:

Dark Magician The Dragon KnightAll right, time for the powerful monsters!  We run two Dark Magician of the Dragon Knight. You really only need to run one, but because there’s so much room in the extra deck space, we went with two just in case. We also run Dark Paladin to negate even more of your opponent’s spell cards as well as Amulet Dragon to put out a monster with hight attack potential.

Quick note, this deck doesn’t utilize a ton of monsters in the extra deck and we have actually  left space for you to pick some of your own!  In our video we show unusable cards like Dark Magician Girl The Dragon Knight but she cannot be summoned with this build.  Please feel free to switch her out for one of your own spicy cards!

Ebon Illusion MagicianNext we’re gonna show off the XYZ Monsters! These cards are very important to the deck because they are easy to summon using two level 7 Dark Magician monsters.  Some cards are for specific situations like Big Eye, Dracossack, and Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon while other cards like Ebon Illusion Magician and Ebon High Magician offer general support to your Dark Magician cards.  Ebon Illusion Magician is one of the more powerful monsters in the extra deck as he allows you to banish even more cards on top of Dark Magical Circle!

Decode Talker

We also run Link Monsters in this deck too!  We run two Link Spiders, one Proxy Dragon, one Missus Radiant, and one Decode Talker!  You mainly make these by utilizing the scapegoat spell cards as you wouldn’t want to waste cards like Dark Magician for a link summon.  Overall link summoning should only be used if you have a play that can get two of the XYZ monsters out or if Decode Talker seems like the best choice for the current situation.

And that is the whole deck!  This deck is for casual play but can be a lot of fun!  Want to take this deck to a competition?  Try to add a few hand traps like Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring or Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit as they will give you a little more advantage.  Finally, make sure you go first as much as possible in this deck to set up your traps to combo with Dark Magical circle!

Watch the video:

Card list:

Card Name Type Quantity Link to buy
Dark Magician Monster 3 https://goo.gl/kQM5Go
Magician’s Rod Monster 3 https://goo.gl/DbH3im
Apprentice Illusion Magician Monster 3 https://goo.gl/43LdbQ
Magician of Dark illusion Monster 2 https://goo.gl/9dCvXn
Spellbook Magician of Prophecy Monster 1 https://goo.gl/GX5g81
Dark Magical Circle Spell 3 https://goo.gl/YU5ufK
Dark Magic Attack Spell 1 https://goo.gl/tGVcCs
Illusion Magic Spell 1 https://goo.gl/59EUdt
Dark Magic Inheritance Spell 1 https://goo.gl/DgerYs
The Eye of Timaeus Spell 2 https://goo.gl/BnJTx2
Spellbook of Secrets Spell 2 https://goo.gl/7CnPcQ
Spellbook of Knowledge Spell 2 https://goo.gl/qtHcqf
Upstart Goblin Spell 2 https://goo.gl/ykCY65
Soul Charge Spell 2 https://goo.gl/KCvDgj
Monster Reborn Spell 2 https://goo.gl/UkjdhH
Scapegoat Spell 2 https://goo.gl/wF6TwR
Magician Navigation Trap 3 https://goo.gl/XXaMbL
Eternal Soul Trap 3 https://goo.gl/J1X4Zz
Metaverse Trap 2 https://goo.gl/mjd59A
Dark Magician The Dragon Knight Fusion Monster 2 https://goo.gl/NawwMV
Dark Paladin Fusion Monster 1 https://goo.gl/M98rXH
Amulet Dragon Fusion Monster 1 https://goo.gl/9cbZRr
Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight Fusion Monster 1 https://goo.gl/TWFdhx
Number 11: Big Eye XYZ Monster 1 https://goo.gl/DDWMpL
Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack XYZ Monster 1 https://goo.gl/JbpH2J
Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon XYZ Monster 1 https://goo.gl/1ihrxi
Ebon Illusion Magician XYZ Monster 1 https://goo.gl/brDq33
Ebon High Magician XYZ Monster 1 https://goo.gl/Eey1aB
Link Spider Link Monster 2 https://goo.gl/jp8nvq
Proxy Dragon Link Monster 1 https://goo.gl/TBTReM
Missus Radiant Link Monster 1 https://goo.gl/AQWgwh
Decode Talker Link Monster 1 https://goo.gl/EFwVnQ
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